Themes in Art from the range of 700 CE to 1700 CE

To Express Religious Values

Chartres Cathedral, France. Constructed between 1194 and 1220 CE.

Did you know that Gothic art emerged in France and initially received the name of French style? It was during the Renaissance that it came to be pejoratively called Gothic art. The Renaissance was considered a monstrous art compared to the classical.

Objects of Ritual

For the Inca civilization, gold was considered the sweat of the sun, and silver was the tears of the moon. The image below shows one object that shows the Inca reverence to things, which image would be humans and llamas.

A silver alpaca from the Inca civilization of Peru, c. 1400 and 1533 CE.

Humanist Tradition

Did you know that the artists of that time began to use accurate models, with their beauties and perfections, for the realization of their works? The sculptures and paintings featured more detail in facial expressions and human proportions, as observed in the image below.

Portrait of Galileo, mid-17th century.


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